Madalina Ciobanu, Ph.D.

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MADALINA CIOBANU, PH.D. - Technical Advisor

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Dr. Madalina Ciobanu has expertise in the areas of analytical and bio-analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, surface modification, corrosion, geochemistry, scanning electrochemical microscopy, photovoltaics, biosensors, biotechnology, microfluidics, metabolomics, biochemistry, translational medicine, molecular biology, cancer biology, polymer chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and chemical engineering.

Prior to joining the firm, Dr. Ciobanu was a research associate in the Division of Medical Oncology at the University of Colorado Denver.  Specifically, her researched focused on investigating the mechanism of action of a combination of mTOR and HSP90 inhibitors in pancreatic cancer.  Dr. Ciobanu was also a Research Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University in the Department of Chemistry.  At Vanderbilt, her research spanned a multitude of projects, such as studying live cells and live pancreatic islets metabolomics via multianalyte microphysiometry; utilizing scanning electrochemical microscopy for exploring the metabolism of single live cells, single live pancreatic islets, and electron transfer proteins assembled on inorganic substrates with the purpose of building photovoltaic devices; and investigating the mechanism of pyrite oxidation and of C8-arylamine adducts of 2’-deoxyguanosine oxidation by electrochemical means.  As a graduate student, Dr. Ciobanu designed miniaturized reference electrodes based on Ag/AgiX internal reference elements enclosed in hydrogels, and optimized the polymer/hydrogel composition for long term stability of the electrodes.  Dr. Ciobanu received the high distinction of being named the Valedictorian (Highest GPA) of her 1996 graduating undergraduate class, won scientific poster competitions during her graduate studies and postdoctoral years, and received travel awards for attending international conferences.  Dr. Ciobanu speaks fluent English as well as Romanian.

Dr. Madalina Ciobanu has experience in patent preparation and prosecution in the chemical, engineering, and pharmaceutical arts.  Dr. Ciobanu has drafted and prosecuted patent applications in the oilfield technology relating to compositions, methods of preparation and use for wellbore servicing fluids, drilling fluids, completion fluids, fracturing fluids, lost circulation fluids, lost circulation materials, proppants, gravels, sealants, cements, resins, swellable materials, reinforcing materials, scale inhibitors, emulsifiers, biodegradable compositions, diverting agents, and relative permeability modifiers; and drilling, fracturing, stimulation, completion, and enhanced oil recovery technologies and tools used in same, such as wellbore servicing assemblies, perforating tools, fracturing tools, mixing tools, packers, piston assemblies, and gauge carriers.  Dr. Ciobanu has drafted patent applications in the field of polymer chemistry relating to subjects such as novel polymer compositions, polymer catalysts, polymer processes and equipment used in same.  Dr. Ciobanu has drafted patent applications in the fields of energy storage and personal care products, as well as in the pharmaceutical field relating to drugs, methods of treatment, stem cell compositions, and gene therapy. 


Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, 2002
The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

B.Ch.E., Chemical Engineering, 1996
Politehnica University, Bucharest, Romania


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Award-Winning Presentations

“Glucose and Lactate Biosensors for SECM Imaging of Single Live Cells.” Ciobanu, M.; Taylor, D.E.; Cliffel, D.E.  The 4th Workshop on Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Falcade (BL), Italy, September 3-6, 2006.

“Miniaturized Reference Electrodes with Ag/AgiX Internal Reference Element Imbedded in a Hydrogel-Type Electrolyte.” Ciobanu, M.; Wilburn, J.P.; Lowy, D.A.  The 197th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Toronto, Canada, May 14-18, 2000.