The Patents aspect of the practice involves the preparation and prosecution of applications for patents in the United States and foreign countries. The Firm has technical expertise in the area of high technology electrical prosecution, with concentration in the area of computer and microprocessor architecture, chemical technologies, and has for years been recognized for its expertise in the area of oilfield technology. A group of the Firm’s practitioners are also known for their skills in the protection of biomedical innovations, including medical devices and various aspects of biotechnology.  The Firm also has experience before the Board of Patent Appeals in the course of prosecuting the appeal of rejections during prosecution of an application, seeking re-issue patents, and initiating and defending re-examination proceedings.

The advanced degrees and industry experience of many of our professionals add particular value in drafting and prosecuting cost effective applications in technically complex areas. Although a relatively small firm compared to large general practice and “mega firms,” we handle a high volume of cases. As detailed below, we file over 1,000 U.S. utility applications per year. We also direct the prosecution of approximately 400-500 foreign patent applications per year.

The Firm is very experienced in high-volume patent preparation and prosecution in areas of sophisticated technology. The number of applications prepared and filed in 2012-2016 are as follows: 


Year US Utility Applications Filed Foreign Applications Filed
2015 1,462 429


From our patent work for computer, electronics, telecommunications, oil and gas and other technology-driven companies, our professionals have developed substantial and in-depth expertise in a variety of technologies that are relevant to your business, such as:

• Analog Circuitry
• Blu-Ray
• Co-existing wireless networks
• Compression (Arithmetic and Variable Length)
• Computer architecture (Server, desktop, notebook)
• Computer/component/software test systems
• Cooling systems (fans, heat sinks, liquid cooling)
• Data centers and data storage systems
• Display (including 3D)
• Fingerprint resistant films for displays
• Fuel cells/batteries
• Gesture input systems
• GPS and internal navigation
• Imaging
• Memory architecture
• Mounting systems for rack-mounted equipment
• Network infrastructure
• On-line services, algorithms
• Print media
• Printer ink
• Printers
• Processor architecture (CACHE, Execution Units)
• Redundant power/control systems
• Software
• Transistor architecture
• Ultrasound systems
• Video/signal processing
• Wireless (UWB, CDMA, OFDM, LTE)

Attorneys experienced in this area of practice

Albert Abbou
Nicholas Beaulieu
Christopher L. Blackburn
Laura Brock
J. Robert Brown, Jr
Rodney B. Carroll
Octavio T. DaCosta
William H. Dietrich
Thaddeus J. Faleski
Joseph J. Funston
Darlene Ghavimi
Kristin Jordan Harkins
James Hooper
Nam Huynh
Elexis Jones
Eric Kent
Gregory L. Maag
Payal Majumdar, Ph.D.
Stewart Mesher
Andrew Metrailer
Christopher J. Mierzejewski
John M. Mihelcic, Ph.D.
Matthew R. Moscicki
Gayatry Nair
Nick Patel
Michael W. Piper
Jonathan Polk
Keith Rawlins
Grant Rodolph
Charles J. Rogers
Chad Sayala
Elise Selinger
Adam Stegge
Clinton Stuart
Thomas L. Warden