Counseling, Opinions & Diligence

Counseling clients concerning intellectual property rights is an adjunct to all that we do. Such counseling includes rendering opinions on patent validity and infringement, and on trademark infringement and registrability. The Firm also provides advice on the selection and use of trademarks and service marks, and recommendations on the protection of inventions, trade secrets, and copyrightable subject matter.  Additionally, we are frequently engaged to analyze patent portfolios and to advise clients as to a portfolio’s particular focus and strength.

Client’s in-house intellectual property professionals also take advantage of our resources when it comes time for a due diligence matter - particularly when  evaluating and valuing the IP holdings of companies that are subject to being acquired or divested. Our work in this area ranges from simply verifying the existence of enforceable intellectual property, to more substantive portfolio analysis, and to assisting in the valuation of the intellectual property that is possessed by the company under review.

Attorneys experienced in this area of practice

J. Robert Brown, Jr
Octavio T. DaCosta
Thaddeus J. Faleski
Kristin Jordan Harkins
James Hooper
Nam Huynh
Elexis Jones
Gregory L. Maag
Christopher J. Mierzejewski
Gayatry Nair
Nick Patel
Michael W. Piper
Grant Rodolph
Charles J. Rogers
Adam Stegge
Thomas L. Warden