The Firm counsels individuals and corporations on protection for their copyrighted works and fair use of third-party works. We have experience registering copyrighted works and drafting and negotiating agreements involving copyrighted works, including joint-development agreements, licenses, assignments, and work made for hire agreements. 

The Firm also has experience utilizing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DCMA") to enforce its clients' copyrights, including sending "take down" notices to website owners and internet service providers for the unauthorized use of our clients' copyrighted materials on their website.

Attorneys experienced in this area of practice

Laura Brock
J. Robert Brown, Jr
William H. Dietrich
Thaddeus J. Faleski
Darlene Ghavimi
Kristin Jordan Harkins
James Hooper
Gregory L. Maag
Stewart Mesher
Matthew R. Moscicki
Michael W. Piper
Jonathan Polk
Keith Rawlins
Grant Rodolph
Charles J. Rogers
Clinton Stuart
Thomas L. Warden