Examples of Technologies the Firm Handles, Works With, and Patents

In Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals –

Artificial intelligence (AI)-directed medical technology, such as in diagnostics and drug discovery; carbon-neutral/green applications; commodity chemicals; pharmaceutical formulations, including large molecules and small molecules; advanced medical technologies; biotechnology; life sciences; specialty chemicals; cannabis and its derivatives; electrochemistry and batteries; chemical processing and separation technologies; polymers and petrochemicals; oil and gas exploration and production chemicals and formulations; fuels; and other new and developing chemicals, chemical processes, syntheses, and applications. 

In Mechanical and Materials Science –

Medical and health care-related systems, products, and devices; consumer products; AI use in mechanical design and manufacturing; process engineering; electromechanical systems; additive manufacturing, including 3D printing; reductive manufacturing; composites and metal alloys; alternative energy and green technologies; control systems; thermal and materials innovations in computer hardware and related equipment; and other new and developing mechanical innovations.

In Software and Data –

AI and machine learning; applications of blockchain and distributed ledger; data storage, processing, and analytics; advertising targeting and delivery; computer enterprise architecture and middleware solutions and processes; monitoring and billing systems; privacy and security, including enterprise and home software, and hardware security and vulnerability remediation systems; search; encryption; video-coding; voice recognition and response; standards; user interfaces and dashboards; automation; information technology (IT) infrastructure and software supporting telecom services; and other new and developing software architecture and solutions within computer and IT systems applied to real-world problems across industries and technologies.

In Electrical, Computer, and Telecom

Chips/processors; computers and servers; networking and networks; telecommunications systems and devices; life sciences and biotechnology inventions involving electrical components; AI use and processes; and other new and developing electrical components, devices, and systems and their manufacture, use, and application.