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Name Title Office
J. Robert Brown, Jr Principal Attorney Dallas
Rodney B. Carroll Principal Attorney Dallas
William H. Dietrich Principal Attorney Dallas
Thaddeus J. Faleski Principal Attorney Houston
Matthew Gibson Principal Attorney Houston
James Hooper Principal Attorney Houston
Brandt D. Howell Principal Attorney Dallas
Ryan D. Jenlink Principal Attorney Dallas
Elexis Jones Principal Attorney Dallas
Andrew Metrailer Principal Attorney Dallas
Matthew R. Moscicki Principal Attorney Houston
Gayatry Nair Principal Attorney Dallas
Nick Patel Principal Attorney Houston
Michael W. Piper Principal Attorney Dallas
Jonathan K. Polk Principal Attorney Dallas
Grant Rodolph Principal Attorney Dallas
Charles J. Rogers Principal Attorney Houston
Brooks W Taylor Principal Attorney Dallas
Thomas L. Warden Principal Attorney Houston
Gregory L. Maag Of Counsel Houston
James Ruland Of Counsel Dallas
Albert Abbou Senior Attorney Dallas
Nicholas Beaulieu Senior Attorney Dallas
Christopher Blackburn Senior Attorney Dallas
Octavio T. DaCosta Senior Attorney Dallas
Nam Huynh Senior Attorney Dallas
Eric Kent Senior Attorney Dallas
Michael Konczal Senior Attorney Dallas
Trampas A. Kurth Senior Attorney Houston
Adam J. Stegge Senior Attorney Dallas
Michael Hann Senior Patent Agent Dallas
Rayan Alassaad, Ph.D. Patent Agent Dallas
Nidhi Bansal Patent Agent Dallas
Natalie D. Offringa-Beaton, Ph.D. Senior Technical Advisor Houston
Jerry V. Walker, Ph.D. Senior Technical Advisor Dallas
W. Mark Richards Technical Advisor Dallas
Prabath Wanaguru Technical Advisor Dallas
Christina Jensen ManagerTrademark Support ParalegalsBusiness Professionals Houston
Nichole Parsons Trademark Support Paralegals Houston
Bahia Abdi Legal Assistant Houston
Kayleah Beavans Legal Assistant Houston
Lorie Bigley Legal Assistant Houston
Colleen Brown Legal Assistant Houston
Emily Campbell Legal Assistant Houston
Mary Colton Legal Assistant Houston
Sarah Cowger Legal Assistant Houston
Laura Dean Legal Assistant Houston
Ashley DeArmond Legal Assistant Houston
Lesley Forte Legal Assistant Houston
Alison Goehrig Legal Assistant Houston
Jack Hartley Legal Assistant Houston
Karen Heckel Legal Assistant Houston
Corinna Joss Legal Assistant Houston
Teresa Kidd Legal Assistant Houston
Addie Krenzer Legal Assistant Houston
Rami Law Legal Assistant Houston
Laura McBryde Legal Assistant Houston
Bonnie Nix Legal Assistant Houston
Jerri Pearson Legal Assistant Houston
Angie Ray Legal Assistant Houston
Elizabeth Skaggs Legal Assistant Houston
Serena Walker Legal Assistant Houston
Jennifer Wiebusch Legal Assistant Houston
Elizabeth Williams Legal Assistant Houston
Esther Williams Legal Assistant Houston
Chris Terrell DirectorBusiness Professionals Houston
Angela Walters DirectorBusiness Professionals Houston
Christina Paz ManagerBusiness Professionals Houston
Richard Rojas ManagerBusiness Professionals Houston
Teresa Ryan ManagerBusiness Professionals Houston
Scot Shield ManagerBusiness Professionals Houston
Mona Davis Business SupportBusiness Professionals Houston
Will Howard Business SupportBusiness Professionals Houston
Stephanie Sodl Business SupportBusiness Professionals Houston
Andrea Jorgensen Billing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Marty Juda Billing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Marieli Rivera Billing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Diane Torres Billing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Sheri Connelly Docketing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Gloria McDaniel Docketing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Courtney Peavey Docketing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
George Pickle Docketing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Lisa Rogers Docketing ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Alex Blair IT ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston
Jill Seeton IT ServicesBusiness Professionals Houston