The Federal Circuit recently narrowed the permissible venue choices for patent litigation. In re BigCommerce, No. 2018-120 (May 15, 2018), holds that a corporate defendant “resides” for the purpose of patent venue under 28 U.S.C. § 1400(b) in only one district within its state of incorporation (for states with multiple districts). That single district is the location of the defendants’ corporate headquarters or “nerve center” if such an office exists, or its registered office if such an office does not exist. This case follows the Supreme Court’s decision last fall in TC Heartland, which narrowed the residence of a corporate defendant for the purpose of patent venue to the “state of incorporation.” Prior to TC Heartland, a corporate defendant was deemed to “reside” in any judicial in which it was subject to personal jurisdiction. For large corporate defendants, the practical effect was to permit nationwide venue. For Texas defendants, BigCommerce will likely shift more patent cases out of the Eastern District of Texas and toward the other Texas districts, which each have large commercial centers.