Ryan Jenlink focuses on helping his clients use intellectual property to accelerate their business objectives. His value lies in his ability to pinpoint each client’s specific goals and then set a strategy for building portfolios of IP assets that will unlock those goals. Ryan’s practice includes managing and analyzing IP portfolios, providing opinions of counsel, preparing and prosecuting patent applications in both the U.S. and internationally, negotiating intellectual property agreements, and representing clients in post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Ryan has more than a decade of experience in serving his clients’ intellectual property needs. He works with both individual inventors and large companies to develop application strategies; draft and prosecute patent applications related to mechanical, chemical, biological, and electrical inventions; and develop strategies for filing and prosecuting patent applications throughout the world. Ryan also holds substantial expertise in the area of design patents, including strategies for using design patents to supplement broader IP portfolios as well as best practices for procuring, protecting, and enforcing design patents.

Ryan has experience across a wide range of technology areas, including genetic engineering; gene therapeutics; pharmaceutical compounds, compositions, and methods; medical diagnostics; medical devices such as surgical tools and implants; and medical treatment regimen. Ryan also has experience related to polymer compositions, polymerization methods, and polymerization equipment; catalyst chemistry; and oilfield servicing operations including drilling, stimulation, production, and surface equipment.

Outside of the office, Ryan is an active member of the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association, serving on both the Association Advisory Board and the Brighter Orange of North Texas Scholarship Committee.

Ryan enjoys running, spending time in the gym, and woodworking.  He also likes hiking trips with his wife and two daughters.