Texas-based IP law firm Conley Rose announced today it has elected three new shareholders to the firm: Elexis Jones, Gayatry Nair and Brooks W. Taylor.

“We are very excited about this group of new shareholders,” said Michael W. Piper, firm President. “They each have a have strong work ethic and have demonstrated tremendous dedication to the firm and to our clients. This team consistently exhibits sound legal and business judgment and the highest degree of integrity — traits that we greatly value at Conley Rose. I like to say Conley Rose is where innovation blooms, but it is also where innovators bloom. Whether you’re an outstanding lawyer on a fast track, a career engineer turned patent prosecutor, or a hardworking lawyer balancing your young growing family and a professional career, you can excel at Conley Rose. We are proud to welcome these quality individuals as shareholders,” said Piper.

A closer look at Conley Rose’s new Shareholders:

Elexis Jones (Dallas) practices in various aspects of intellectual property with an emphasis in patent preparation and prosecution of both U.S. and foreign patent applications.  She has experience in the electrical and computing arts, including telecommunications, computer systems and software, and electrical devices. Specifically, she has experience in telecommunications products and services and supporting software and infrastructure, business methods, electronic commerce, search software, and enterprise security and vulnerability software. Elexis also has experience working with mechanical devices and medical devices.

She also has experience with licensing matters, preparation of legal opinions including non-infringement opinions, patent searching, and client counseling related to various intellectual property issues.

Elexis graduated cum laude in 2006 from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. She received her Juris Doctor in 2009 from the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.

Gayatry Nair (Dallas) practices in various aspects of intellectual property with an emphasis in preparation and prosecution of both domestic and international patent applications in the software, electrical, and mechanical arts. Gayatry’s practice and experience spans several industries, including the telecommunications, manufacturing, software, medical, e-commerce, and oil and gas industries. She also has experience in handling trademark and trade dress matters, as well drafting legal opinions and licensing agreements for a diverse group of clients.

Gayatry received her J.D. from Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, and received her undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  During law school, she conducted externships at NCR, Inc. and the Coca Cola Company. She also graduated law school with a Transactional Law and Skills Certificate and the ABA/BNA Award for Excellence in the Study of Intellectual Property. 

Brooks Taylor (Dallas) prepares and prosecutes domestic and international patent applications with an emphasis in the computer, electrical, mechanical, and optical arts, as well as patents in the areas of medical devices, telecommunications, and optical systems. Brooks’ practice and experience covers many industries, including manufacturing, telecommunication, entertainment technology and medical. He also drafts validity and non-infringement opinions, technology licenses, and provides litigation support to help enforce the intellectual property rights of a diverse group of clients.

Before becoming a lawyer, Brooks was an engineer for twenty-three years, designing communications and control systems and managing software development. He graduated cum laude from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University.  During and after law school, Brooks was a patent agent, then patent attorney and later became General Counsel and Chief Technical Officer for an early stage entertainment technology company.

Conley Rose is among the most trusted IP law firms in the United States.  The firm serves clients ranging from global corporations to startups in accelerating development and commercialization of inventions through patent, trademark and other intellectual property law services. The firm has more than 30 years’ experience in helping its clients through cutting edge understanding of ever-evolving technologies and their commercial viability. The firm’s lawyers and specialists are trained engineers and scientists. Conley Rose is based in Texas, with offices in Dallas and Houston.